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Some random thoughts after Christmas

Usually on weekends, I’m taking the kids somewhere so my wife can “shop” or “get other stuff done.” Sunday, our entire family stayed home, which is the first time that’s happened in a long while. Jaden went down to his grandparents house for a little while, but that’s like three houses down.

The day was spent generally relaxing and decommissioning our dead Christmas tree, which didn’t really make it to Christmas alive. It was dry and pretty droopy. A couple weeks back, I had to cut off the lowest set of branches because they were actually touching the floor. I think we’ll have a different strategy for Christmas trees next year.

Meanwhile, I got a MS Pacman console for Christmas, which is actually pretty cool. Hook it up to any modern TV, voila, instant video games. No muss, no fuss. My wife got this one because it contains Galaga, one of her favorite games.

Meanwhile, both my kids seem to have a cold of some kind, though my daughter is also receiving antibiotics for an ear infection (that we caught early, fortunately). Hopefully, everyone will be over it soon.

And finally, I’ve officially managed to drop a couple of shirt sizes! My wife bought me a batch of 2XL shirts for Christmas and they all fit well! I’m now weighing in at 220 lbs (or just under 100 kilos) and am continuing to bring my weight down. Had a small diversion with Christmas–splurged a little on sweets. With the headache I got immediately afterword, I’m not doing that again for a while. I didn’t overdo it in any case, and appear to be recovering the ground I lost.

I would be estatic if I could get down to 195 lbs (about 88.5 kilos) by the time it starts getting warm again in Seattle (April). I am also looking to set my sights a little lower and possibly get down to 180 (81.7 kilos), but I want to focus on my next milestone, which is losing another 5 lbs.

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