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McCormick Woods in December

This is photo proof to anyone who thinks there is never sunshine in the Seattle area. :)

McCormick Woods is a golf course community in Port Orchard, WA where I live. Now I don’t play golf–too expensive even for a homeowner in my opinion–but the neighborhood is very nice.

On an unusually warm day for a December ( says 54F, but it feels a little warmer due to the lack of wind and plethora of sunshine), my son was down the street playing with some friends, my wife was at Costco, and Gracie was strapped to my chest while I was walking around outside. Took a few pictures with my Nokia 6230, which I am posting for your viewing pleasure.
Thar big yellow splotch is the sun. :)

From the back corner of my property.

Picture of part of my backyard.

Front of our house.

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