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Visual Proof of Weight Loss

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. I think these pictures of my face, the one on the left from September 2003, the one on the right from the beginning of October 2004, tells a bit of a tale.

September 2003 Headshot October 2004 Headshot

What prompted me to post this comparison was a comment from my Aunt, whom I saw this past month. I hadn’t seen her in at least a year, and she told me after seeing me that I looked younger now that I’ve lost some weight. Not sure if that’s the case or not, but I definately look a little less pudgy all around.

While my weight loss stalled for a little bit (hung around 235 for a while), I am now down to just under 230 pounds (or 104.3 kilos) and I seem to be inching downward again under the Atkins regime. The last time I weighed 230 pounds was in high school, so this is quite an improvement!

One comment people make about Atkins is that it is too restrictive of a diet for some people. Yes., the induction phase is a bit limiting. Personally, I find that restriction comforting, which is part of the reason I am still on it (except that I will eat nuts sometimes). While I like having some choices, I don’t like having too many choices. Over the years, I have found that if I have many different food choices, I frequently make the wrong choice. That’s part of the reason I ended up overweight to begin with.

Atkins makes it really easy for me to decide what to eat, or not, as the case may be. Sure, there are times when there is nothing appropriate to eat. Then it’s just a matter of choosing the lesser of evils. On a few occasions, I have gotten something completely outside of the Atkins guidelines. Nothing wrong with that approach once in a while as long as you don’t stray from the path.

Probably my biggest challenge is conditioning myself to eat only when I am hungry and control food portions. This past week, I have made a conscious effort to do both things, which may have contributed to shedding some pounds this past week.

I am confident that I will get to at least 195 pounds (88.4 kilos) in due time. If I can ever find the time to start exercising again, I’m sure that will help too. :)

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