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Really Bad At Blogging

I’ve been getting distracted by a great number of things, including the desire to sleep. There’s also just a lack of what I consider “interesting things” to blog about. But I’ll take a moment and update on various things:

Atkins: I’ve only managed to lose about 10 pounds so far. I seem to be really slow at it. In addition to cutting the carbs down to less than 20, I’m also trying to get the calorie count downward too. I also try and eat the vast majority of my calories in the daytime. At least I’m making progress, but not real quickly…

Asterisk: I’m pretty sure I’m an Asterisk junkie now. All of my VoIP? lines are directed into my Asterisk server in one way or another. Every incoming call, with the exception of my connection to Voxilla’s Asterisk server, goes directly into my Voice menu. A bit impersonal, I know, but it lets people know what time it is where I live and gives them a couple of choices to reach me.

Gracie: My daughter, in addition to basically sleeping through the night (about 8 hours most nights), she’s now starting to laugh. One or two second giggles mostly, but my mother in law claims she’s done a couple of huge belly laughs. I seem to remember Jaden doing that at about 5 months old.

phoneboy dot com stuff: Today, I loaded up ikonboard on the main server and am attempting to get people to use my ikonboard instead of the forum I was hosting over on ActiveBoard?.com. The poll I set up to ask what my ussers wanted suggest “hey, what kind of community with you like” and web forums and email lists are neck and neck.

Voxilla: The Voxilla Forums have taken off the past few weeks. It probably helps that I provide a lot of assistance on the forums. It’s actually kind of nice to be known for something other that FireWall?-1. I’ve also done their SPA-3000 Configuration Wizard about a week back.

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