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Birthday 2004

I recently became a year older. It’s not as if you magically turn “older” on that day (you technically get older each second you’re alive), but it’s the anniversary of the day you were born.

I’ve never been real big on birthdays. Possibly because I’ve had more than my share of disappointing birthdays as a child, so I never really want to do much. Dinner out is about as much as I can manage. Since we have houseguests at the moment, dinner out seemed like a good idea. Decided on Applebees, which has what I believe is a low-carb dinner item: the Steakhouse Salad. To quote “It’s grilled tender sirloin steak sliced on a bed of Caesar salad greens tossed with bleu cheese vinaigrette. Topped with fresh tomato, red onion and bleu cheese crumbles.” Of course, Applebees doesn’t post any nutritional information on their website or anywhere else for that matter, so I don’t know for sure. The excuse they give is as follows (according to various sites):

“At this time, these are the only menu items that we have nutritional information for. Unfortunately, we do not provide information for all of our menu items for many different reasons. Our menu items vary regionally and many or many not be available in your restaurant, and it is important to know that some restaurants nationwide have changed their menus to no longer include these low-fat menu items.”

Meanwhile, today, I was at the Kitsap Mall with our houseguests and my family had Quiznos for lunch, which is our normal place we have lunch if we end up at the mall. Quiznos website doesn’t list much nutritional information on their site, but they do list carb counts on their Craveable Salads, which is extremely helpful to someone on a low-carb diet such as myself. The salad I had today, the “Roadhouse Ranch Salad,” was listed as 0 net carbs on the sign (the website lists it as -1 net carbs). All of the carb counts had a little star by them. The “fine print” for that star basically said “the carb counts may vary by restaurant for a number of reasons, but a third party company tested the carb counts in these foods.”

What are the reasons the carb count might differ? Different preperation techniques and different food supplies. The supplies may come from different providers in different areas, and possibly using different “brands” of food. For example, Best Foods Mayo (Hellmans if you live east of the rockies) has zero carbs. I think some other brands might have a little more carbs, but probably not much more. It would be enough to effect the carb count though.

One thing I did get for my birthday (not specifically because it was my birthday, but because it worked out better that way) is a partial weekend to myself. My wife took our houseguests to Snoquamlie Falls. Because it’s a bit of a drive, my wife decided to stay in a hotel near the area. And because there would be no real good place to “manage” Gracie (e.g. feedings, naps, etc), it was decided I’d stay home with Gracie. Fine with me. I like a nice quiet evening alone. Gracie is a very easy baby compared to Jaden at that age. It allows me to watch some of my movies (“The Wall” was sorely needed) and get other stuff done.

Well since I have Gracie to myself, I get to wake up with her in the middle of the night. Since it’s almost 2am, I probably should go to bed. I’m sure she’ll be waking up in a couple of hours.

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