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July Fourth, Etc

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One of the things about the fourth of July is that it is also my anniversary. My wife always wanted to be married on the fourth of July for one reason — always a guarantee of fireworks. :) Other that what I saw on TV, I didn’t get to see much real fireworks. By the time we had gotten home from a family gathering we had on Lake Morton, it was dark enough to see the “illegal” ones people were setting off in our neighborhood, but I was a little buys feeding Gracie during that time, so I had to settle for what was on TV.

Today marks Day 14 on Atkins Induction. My weight loss seems to have stalled a bit. The good news is that I’m in ketosis, that magical state where your body is living off of fat. I think my waistline has shrunk a little bit, but I’d still feel a little better if the scale actually reflected some weight loss. I’ve heard/read a couple of reasons why this might be: I could be building some muscle mass, or I could be eating “too much” fat (i.e. enough that my body is burning only the fat I consume, not the stuff around my gut). I’ll have to adjust my cheese and salad dressing consumption and see if that helps. I’m also going to add an additional vitamin (L-Carnitine) to the regimen to try and kick start the fat burning process.

Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure I will stay in Induction for some time. I feel pretty good for the most part and can manage the diet. My wife claims she’s planning something for my birthday on Friday and that I may want to consider suspending the induction rules for one meal. It also helps we will have houseguests starting Thursday night until the end of the following week.

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