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Atkins Day 3

If my ability to count carbs is correct and my metabolic resistance is sufficiently low, then I should be in ketosis as we speak. This basically means my body is getting the energy it needs not from the glucouse that might be entering my bloodstream, but from the stored fat. It’s kind of a neat trick that lets you eat a satisfying amount of food, yet still lose weight. One thing I will say aobut this diet is that my energy levels, which use to dip down mid-afternoon and early evening, have now stabilized. During the past couple of days, my energy level has been fairly constant. Now my energy levels dip down around midnight, when I should be sleeping. :)

One word of warning from my wife’s friend, who also has done Atkins: for her, at least, her sugar cravings increased after going off of the Atkins diet. Everyone’s different, and I suppose that is a possibility.

My wife decided that if we’re going to be able to eat together and eat at least some of the same food, we’d have to plan our meals in advance. Novel concept.

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