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Day Trips Suck

As we speak, I am sitting on a plane that is about to travel to San Jose, CA. At about 10:30pm this evening, I will be back in Seattle. My employer decided I needed to be down for a four hour meeting this afternoon. Considering the fact that we just had a new baby, my wife and I aren’t exactly keen on these trips. It also didn’t help that my son decided to pee out his pajamas and bed at about 2am this morning at around the same time my daughter woke up to be fed and then decided she didn’t want to go back to sleep until about 4am. As a result, the four hours or so of sleep I got was broken since I had to feed my daughter while my wife took care of my son.

And I get to do this again in about two weeks, though the next trip will involve an overnight stay due to the timing of various flights and the event I am supposed to attend. Did I mention that day trips suck?

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