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Nokia Conversations: The Official Nokia Blog

Nokia is finally joining the Internet age and is starting a blog called Nokia Conversations. Unlike the S60 Blogs, which are geared at mobile phone-related topics, and not necessarily Nokia ones at that, Nokia Conversations will be about the stories in and around Nokia. Not just about phones, but about people, products and services, thoughts, interests, business and more.

The site is a recognition that there is a conversation going on about Nokia out there. While the company will certainly participate in that conversation, it’s certainly not going to be the driver. The site will enable you to connect with that conversation–both on Nokia Conversations and elsewhere.

The site contains original blog entries, bookmarked articles about Nokia and links to some well-known blogs–including mine! It’s very tastefully Nokia-branded with Typepad driving the site engine. I don’t know what else Charlie Schick and his team have planned, but it’s nearly ready from what I’m hearing.

A few of us have been given the means to access the site in its present form and I’m pretty impressed so far. There a fair amount of content on the site already. You’ll have a fair bit to explore when it officially opens for business.

The good news for me is that I’ve been asked by Charlie Schick to contribute a few articles to the effort. I have no idea what else may come of this for me, but I think feel honored to be chosen to participate in this effort.

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